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Native Bots

Be nice to our Bots (and they will consider being nice to you.)

Custom Jobs

  • These bots are (mostly) exclusive to SluggySquad:
    • Sluggybot - Our own baby bot, Sluggybot keeps hitpoints on chatters, has some automated features, and plays with us sometimes.
    • Wurrfing - Thorog's pet; shows up in 'toys and occasionally other channels. No, we don't know what the name means...
    • NightMAREbot - QBFreak's project from SluggyMARE. He doesn't quite have the same features yet.
  • These other custom bots are from our network, VillageIRC
    • Guinan
    • Matrix - helps prevent join-flooding
    • Aeris - maintains lists of when people were last seen
    • Monitor was used for compliance with network child-friendliness rules, but it was a bit of a nuisance so we got rid of it.
    • Statsbot - used for gathering chat statistics; hasn't been seen much lately
    • Douglas - is mean to you


These standard bots can be used for managing any channel:

  • Janeway
  • Jean-Luc
  • SegFault
  • Moose
  • orion
  • SheBot
  • Sisko

This list may become outdated without notice; to obtain a current list, type /botserv botlist in any IRC window.

Your Custom Bot?

If you have a custom bot you would like to run, here is the procedure for getting it approved. (Normally, running a bot would be in violation of network cloning rules, so you do need approval in order to prevent this.)

  • Email with the following information:
    • The bot's name
    • The bot's general purpose
    • Any particular behaviors we should be aware of (e.g. list of commands to which it will respond)
  • If the opers approve your request, then you will need to obtain approval from the owner(s) of any channels in which you want to run the bot. In the case of the Sluggy channels, this is Harena.