Snakes on a plane

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The following dialogue took place on #sluggysquad starting around 22:13 (not sure what timezone) within the past few days (today being 2006-08-21). A transcript with timestamps is available at but may not be there indefinitely.

<Mechamancer> SNAKES!!!!!
<Mechamancer> ON A PLANE!!!!
<Tene> In the Batmobile!
<Mechamancer> I saw it!!!
<Mechamancer> just got back!
<Mechamancer> It was teh awsome!!
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<Kadith> ><
<Kadith> stupid internet not letting me stay connected to IRC...
<Mechamancer> see the movie!
<Mechamancer> I command thee!
  • tomspawn will not!
<DrMindbender> obviously the movie has transformed mecha into serpentor
<Mechamancer> hiss!
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<Mechamancer> that was the best movie I have seen in a long time
<DrMindbender> from what perspective?
<Mechamancer> clear your mind before you see it
<Mechamancer> from a perspective of kickassery
<DrMindbender> ah
<Mechamancer> It was good!
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<DrMindbender> and the second opinion of the night is...?
<Mechamancer> See Snakes on a Plane!!
<DrMindbender> that's a given
<DrMindbender> however, VoKy will tell me how badly I need to see it
  • tomspawn still isnt going to
<Tene> So... who wants to �*not*� talk about that movie?
  • tomspawn !!
<Tene> We can talk about... colors!
<Tene> Blue is nice, I think.
<tomspawn> ooh, i love colours!
<BaconPony> My favorite color is indigo. ^^
<Tene> but other colors are also nice.
<BassBone> Snapes on a Lane
<tomspawn> blue is lovely. i just ordered some glasses in blue! i almost got somepurple ones but draz made me nervous so i got black... doh
<Tene> :D!
<Mechamancer> but snakes on a plane is the best thing to ever happen to me
  • tomspawn regrets not getting the purple ones.. is very nervous about black!
<Tene> I could get glasses eventually. My eyesight is slowly getting worse
<BaconPony> I think my sister gets glasses tomorrow! She could not be the only one in the family to not have them forever!
<tomspawn> yay!
<Tene> So far I'm the only person in *my* family to not have them!
<BaconPony> You are doomed too, then!
<Tene> Maybe I'm your sister!
  • tomspawn is wearing contacts right now so that might count?
<tomspawn> ew!
<BaconPony> But this is okay because glasses only make people cuter.
<VoK[and-Imp]> Snakes! Plane! See! It!
<tomspawn> its true!
<tomspawn> they do
  • tomspawn refuses to see this movie
  • tomspawn instead, will eat a snake
  • Mechamancer huggles VoK
<Tene> Maybe I should get some tiny glasses for my big head.
<Mechamancer> SNAKES!!
<tomspawn> haha, do it!
<VoK[and-Imp]> Best movie evar!
<Mechamancer> Yes!
<BaconPony> If you had glasses, maybe you would be TOO cute, Tene!
  • Mechamancer highfives VoK
<BaconPony> Then I'd have to kidnap you!
<tomspawn> oh man!
<tomspawn> do it, tene!
<BaconPony> And lock you in my closet!
<Tene> Oh no! That would be... good. >.>
<Tene> <.<
<BaconPony> *giggles*
  • tomspawn will have two glasses, also wants to be kidnapped! : /
<Tene> :D
<BaconPony> Okay! I'll kidnap you,t oo!
<Tene> Will you wear them both at once?
<tomspawn> : D
<tomspawn> ha ha, yes
<Tene> Yay!
<VoK[and-Imp]> We took plastic snakes to the theater!
<BaconPony> I can kidnap lots of people! I have excellant skills in the art of kidnapping.
<FrozenTrout> <.<
<tomspawn> oooh
<Mechamancer> The entire audience cheered when someone got bitten
<BaconPony> Oooh, I could kidnap Trouty, too.
<VoK[and-Imp]> I have pics
<Mechamancer> and when Sammy J said his famous line
<BaconPony> To go with the set I have working.
<tomspawn> do it, Kitten1
<BaconPony> The Sraedi/Tene/Trouty set!
  • DrMindbender is immune to kittennapping!
<BaconPony> That's okay! I'll just kidnap Draz instead!
<Mechamancer> I'm tired of these mother******* snakes on this mother******* plane!
<BaconPony> Then I'll have Sraedi, Tene, Trouty, and Draz!
<BaconPony> Checkmate, I win!
<tomspawn> Yeaaaah!!!!!
<tomspawn> Do it!!!
  • Mechamancer hearts
  • tomspawn thinks that sounds like a dumb line
<VoK[and-Imp]> Jedi: excellent carnage
<VoK[and-Imp]> Mech: * I have had it with ...
<tomspawn> DOH, Mech
<Mechamancer> eh
<Mechamancer> whatever
  • Dhraakellian needs to get to bed
  • tomspawn agrees!
<Mechamancer> everyone in the theater was cheering at that point so I didn't hear the actual line
  • Dhraakellian might watch a DVD first
<VoK[and-Imp]> Don't mess with the line
<tomspawn> mess with the line, mech. DO IT
  • Mechamancer will not mess with the line
<VoK[and-Imp]> It's in the music video
<Dhraakellian> g'night/morning, all
<Mechamancer> yeah well
<Mechamancer> by the time the music video was playing in the credits I was so pumped I didn't care
<VoK[and-Imp]> I sang along
<Mechamancer> YAY!
<VoK[and-Imp]> Actually, I've been singing it all day
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<Mechamancer> youtube is down or I would watch it again
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  • Mechamancer throws a snake at mond
<VoK[and-Imp]> Seriously, that movie kicked ass
<Mechamancer> monk
<Mechamancer> yes
<Mechamancer> it was full of kickassery
  • tomspawn burns it
<Mechamancer> you do not understand
<VoK[and-Imp]> Cobra starship has a myspace page. Has the vid on it
<Mechamancer> whoopdy do
<Mechamancer> I'll watch it later
<Mechamancer> when did you see the movie?
<VoK[and-Imp]> Just walked out a few mins before I logged on here
<Mechamancer> neato!
<Mechamancer> I just got back too
<Mechamancer> Glee!
<VoK[and-Imp]> All the preview shows were at 10
<Mechamancer> yay!
<Mechamancer> Thats what I saw
<Mechamancer> did the audience cheer?
<Tene> So... ah...
<Tene> I recommend making a #snakesonaplane channel to talk about this in.
<Tene> That would be really cool if you'd do it elsewhere.
  • Mechamancer has done so
<Tene> It's a bit... much...
<VoK[and-Imp]> And we saw the first round. There weren't even critic showings
<VoK[and-Imp]> I can't switch chans
<tomspawn> #snakesonaplane
<tomspawn> !!!
<Mechamancer> I created the channel
<Tene> Then how did you get to this channel?
<VoK[and-Imp]> I can only be on one Chan at a time on Imp
<tomspawn> sounds pretty lame
<Tene> so go to that other channel to talk about the movie, please. It's a bit much for this channel right now.
<Mechamancer> Imp is pretty G"imP"y
<VoK[and-Imp]> Don't insult Imp
<tomspawn> too late!
<Tene> Well, such a client *is* lame, in the sense of "crippled" and "less functional than its peers"
<tomspawn> peer!
<Tene> If I broke my leg, I would be lame.
<Tene> If my chat client could only be in one channel, it would be lame.
<tomspawn> would that stand true if i broke your leg, Tene? ; )
<Tene> Yep.
<tomspawn> ooh!
<Tene> If I talked endlessly about a movie that stopped being funny *MONTHS* ago after it has been suggested that I take it elsewhere, *I* would be lame.
<BaconPony> If you broke Tene, I wonder if that would make him easier to kidnap, or harder.
<VoK[and-Imp]> Fine. Nobody wants me. I'll just leave you all be. Me and my "lame" phone won't trouble all your highfalutin programs
<Mechamancer> eep?
<BaconPony> On one hand, he couldn't escape as fast.
<BaconPony> On the other hand, it'd be harder to transport him.
<Mechamancer> see the thing is I went into the movie expecting it to be way over hyped and a bad movie. I came out thinking it was the best thing ever
<VoK[and-Imp]> Mech: you should hush before they kick you
<BaconPony> We wouldn't kick Mech. We like him.
<Tene> Voice: passive-agressive isn't cool.
  • Mechamancer hushes
<Tene> If I wanted you gone, I'd just /kick you.
<BaconPony> That's not to say we won't hit him with a stick or something... >.>
  • Mechamancer huggles Everyone!!
<Tene> Don't complain like that to try to get attention and/or affection.
<VoK[and-Imp]> Well, I was having a good night before I was attacked. Sending me into crash mode isn't nice either
  • VoK[and-Imp] tries to calm down and let her pill do its job
<BaconPony> Oh oh oh! So Tene, guess what? You are the best husband ever. Have I mentioned that lately?
<Tene> I don't think that you have. That's very nice of you to say.
<BaconPony> I mean, you've been really good with the kids lately.
<tomspawn> what? i dont get a husband!
<BaconPony> You could have Trouty!
  • Mechamancer casts a love spell on everyone
<tomspawn> hmm