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(Shorter URL for convenient posting: http://wiki.sluggysquad.com/index.php/SquadCon/2006/tomspawn)

These are all photos taken with my camera!! Thanks to everyone for letting me take and post pics!! I've split them up into days. Enjoy!

But before you check out the pics, you should be familiar with the cast!!

(in no particular order)

Tomspawnsquadcon-woozle.jpg <-Woozle!!

Tomspawnsquadcon-vok.jpg <-Vok!

Tomspawnsquadcon-trout.jpg <-Trout!

Tomspawnsquadcon-kittenandtomspawn.jpg <-Kitten and tomspawn!!

Tomspawnsquadcon-kerish.jpg <-Kerish!

Tomspawnsquadcon-harena.jpg <-Harena!

Tomspawnsquadcon-draz.jpg <-draz!!

And now... On to the pictures!!!

Squad*Con: tomspawn's Photos - Friday!

Includes pics of Woozle, Harena, tomspawn, Kitten, draz, Kerish

Squad*Con: tomspawn's Photos - Saturday!

Includes pics of Harena, Woozle, Kitten, draz, tomspawn, Trout, Vok, Kerish. Hanging out, hugging, dreadlock mustaching.

Squad*Con: tomspawn's Photos - Sunday!

Includes pics of Kerish, Vok, draz, Kitten, Woozle, Harena, Trout, tomspawn. Photos of drawings, cooking, roof climbing.

Squad*Con: tomspawn's Photos - Monday!

Includes pics of Trout, Kitten, draz, tomspawn. draz's pants on tomspawn, pics of the house, Kitten's magnet.