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Once upon a time, I was sitting at the end of the dining room table and across from me ever so far was Draz. We were chatting a tiny bit in person but also talking in private messages in chat, because that is just how we are. He said something to me and I replied with "*giggles*", because that is also just how I am. He looked up at me, narrowed his eyes a little and said, "You did not!" Onoes! He had caught me! This made me ACTUALLY giggle like crazy. It was the best thing that whole day! The End. --Kitten 00:59, 18 Aug 2006 (EDT)

Kitten, draz, Trout and myself(tomspawn) were sitting up in the little loft with the tv. draz and I were on the couch and Trout took the chair closest while Kitten took the one furthest! I asked draz if I could try on his kewl pants and he said okay! I did not expect that to happen.. Then he went and got them!!! I put them on and much giggling took place... : D

Please feel free to add to this memory, Trout, Kitten and draz! ; ) --Tomspawn 01:10, 18 Aug 2006 (EDT)

The Amazing Tomspawn & Harena Recursive Giggling Fit

(which nobody seems to be able to remember what it was provoked by)(though, i believe it was maintained & extended by dreadlock mustache antics)
--Harena 12:30, 18 Aug 2006 (EDT)