SquadCon 2006: Woozle's photos

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2006-08-12 p8120009 harena vok fred kerish.adj.jpg
SquadCon 2006 — establishing shot. Harena, Fred, Kerish, and BackOfVoiceOfKiki.

P8110003 fred draz kitten and back of harena.adj.jpg
SquadCon 2006 sits around the table trying to decide what to do. Fred, Drazahoib, Kitten and BackOfHarena

2006-08-12 p8120012 SquadCon goes for a walk.detail.web.jpg
SquadCon goes for a walk, but there seems to be some confusion about which direction.

Hey! i was going in the same direction as everyone else, just soooo walking backwards! yarrr... --Harena 21:15, 14 Aug 2006 (EDT)

2006-08-12 p8120011 SquadCon - VoK and Harena.crop.jpg
VoiceOfKiki and Harena, with Kerish in the background, going for a walk at SquadCon 2006

2006-08-12 p8120014 Harena and Tomspawn on the dam.crop.jpg
Harena (partly obscured by clouds of leaves) and Tomspawn go for a walk on the old dam near Duke Golf Course

2006-08-12 p8120017 stalking bird.detail.jpg
This bird was stalking prey out near the new dam (which is above the old dam), but it didn't get us.

P8120016 unsuspecting geese.crop.jpg
Meanwhile, nearby, an innocent flock of Canada Geese grazes (on what? we're not sure), completely unsuspecting of the doom that lurks nearby.

(Fortunately, FrozenTrout arrived too late to participate in witness the ensuing carnage.)

P8120018 first pic of Trout.web.jpg
And Then There Was Trout!!

There are also some pics of the tabletop, but I need a better image editor than this computer has...