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Bits of stuff from the SquadCon Planning page which are no longer relevant but may be interesting or useful at some later point.

El Casa JERS

We have an empty house (Woozle's Dad's) from now (June 8, 2006) to mid to late August. The only exception is the last weekend in July (the 27th-29th) when W's sister is visiting & staying there. We could fit any number of sluggites in there as it has 2 bedrooms, several couches & lots & lots o' floorspace. This currently seems the best prospect for a meetup, so we are aiming for that. (The list of other potentialities is still available on the SquadCon archive page, however, awaiting future need. Sort of like a, wossname, "skion".)

Anyone who is interested in coming and needs further contact info (address, phone, etc.) should sign up at http://stuff.hypertwins.org and join the "SquadCon" group (it was "requires moderator approval" but I've removed that requirement). I'll be posting the address there, as soon as I remember to verify it, as well as any other relevant info. Anyone who joins can also receive group email, create forum topics, etc. --Woozle 07:31, 20 Jul 2006 (EDT)

2006 discussion


drazahoib is thinking of coming up to the Empty House sometime between July 30 and August 13, but don't tell anyone. >.>

Ok, kids, it looks like we have a date range here! From August 7th to um, erm, August 13 or 14! How's that for being definite?? ^_^

Okay, as of right now I'm totally declaring the official date range of SquadCon 2006 to be between August 7th to August 14th. I'm changing the "dates availabe" column below to read "Are you going?", in which you should place either 'yes' or 'no' or 'need ride', in which case of the latter we'll try to work out a way for you to get there. Deal? Deal.


Uhm... In the interest of narrowing down what continent Woozle's Dad's is on... can we have the address? -Bill

Bilbster: see new paragraph under #Where, above. --Woozle 07:32, 20 Jul 2006 (EDT)

I wanna go! The only problem would be distance. I am free the second half of july and all of august. (Mechamancer)

I'm in columbus and could pick you up if you have no other transportation, but i'd rather drive alone for timing purposes. what are your odds of aquiring other transportation? (Bill)

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