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Well, I should probably put something here...

Hey, I'm Thorog. I've been opping 'squad and affiliated channels for quite some time now. Unfortunately my rather restrictive university schedule means that I can't do as much opping as I should. was quite possibly one of the first webpages I ever visited. I started reading during Fire & Rain (for those of you who want to work out how old I am in Sluggy years), and joined the boards soon after.

After a stint on the forums, I decided that the old SluggyMUX should be resurrected. With the help of some very capable people I set up SluggyMARE, which now resides at on port 8000. I recommend it to everyone, although due to my time restraints I cannot be on there any more. There are still a few relics of my coding around though, like the pirate ship and the smegways. I log back on every six months and make a pledge that this time I'll keep coming back regularly. This always fails and I always end up with not enough time on my hands.

I joined the original sluggysquad when it manifested itself as an AIM chatroom, and was made op when it transferred to IRC. You can find me on most of the major channels and some of the minor ones. The best times to find me are from 0600-1000 GMT weekdays, or at various other times during the weekends.

My biggest contribution towards 'squad is probably Wurrfing, a bot that fulfils no real important tasks, but is around to alleviate boredom and provide entertainment. Thanks to the very open nature of Ruby, building plugins for Wurrfing is an easy-ish process. See links below.


Plugins for Wurrfing