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Transcription of my notes from IRC Oper class back in, uh, 2004 or whenever... to be organized and turned into a proper set of IRC reference/help pages.

Misc. Stuff

  • /names #channel
  • To add current /nick to a group:
    • /nickserv group <main nickname> <main nick's password>
    • /ns info <nickname>

/oper <user> <password>

Help on general topics:

  • /ircdhelp

List of modes:

  • /ircdhelp chanmodes

NOTE: +p is being phased out; use +s+i

To recover oppyness in an unregged channel:

  • /fmode #secretchanchan +o thewoozle
  • "/os mode" overrides chanserv, if chanserv keeps removing/setting a mode

to kill your ghost: /ns ghost username passwd

Network Roles

  • Cynapede = The Network Admin
  • Douglas, Cynapede, ShadowMaster, Scott and squeakymewmew are admins on this network
  • Douglas, Scott, and Shadowmaster = Server Admins
  • Shadowmaster = also the Technical Admin
  • ops can access more of the -serv functions of the channel, and can give/take ops, while halfops cannot
  • ChanAdmin = op with "ownership" of channel (not really an admin)
  • Services Admin > Chan Admin (SOP) > ChanOP (AOP) > HalfOP (HOP) > VoiceOp (VOP) > Normal Chatters (for Channel Administration)
  • SOP is for Super Operator
  • "xOP" refers to the SOP/AOP/HOP/VOP system, as opposed to using levels or whatever it's called
  • Channel Founders are always SOPs; successors don't have to be
IRC Op roles:
  1. Help
  2. chatting
  3. enforcement & security


chanserv, memoserv, nickserv, botserv, and operserv


/ns is an alias for /nickserv

Some nickserv commands also have aliases, e.g. /identify

3 ways to identify with /nickserv

  • /msg nickserv identify password
  • /nickserv identify password
  • /ns identify password (coming soon!)
  • /identify password

(Four. Four ways to identify.)

  • /nickserv group primarynickname primarypassword
  • /nickserv glist nickname

access may be denied depending on services settings

  • /nickserv help set
  • /nickserv kill on - 60 seconds
  • /nickserv kill quick - 20 seconds
  • /nickserv kill immed - no delay (?)
  • /nickserv set greet Your Greeting message here
  • /nickserv help access
  • /nickserv recover nickname password
    • forces nickname change on impostor
    • then do this (if you don't want to wait 1 minute):
      • /nickserv release ...

To release a nickname for availability:

  • /nickserv drop

If nickname is primary, also deletes any channels, memos or botserv settings owned by that nickname

To change which nickname in a group is the primary:

  • /nickserv set display newnick

/sethost nick domain


  • REGISTER Register a channel
  • IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password

must be in channel, with op status

  • /chanserv register #channame password description
  • /chanserv identify #channame password

The SOP/AOP/HOP/VOP system...

  • /chanserv help set
channel founder must bea registered nickname
"successor" means to whom channel foundership should revert if the founder's nickname registration expires.
  • /chanserv set #channel password yournewpassword
  • /chanserv set #channel desc New description of your channel

To get channel description:

  • /chanserv info #channel
  • /chanserv set #channame URL url
  • /chanserv set #channame EMAIL emailaddress@domain.ext
  • /chanserv set #channel private on|off
    • keeps it from being listed in /list
  • /chanserv set #channel restricted on|off
    • ON bans everyone unless they're on the access list
  • /chanserv forbid #channame (reason)
    • ON bans everyone & locks up the channel so nobody can join (unless IRCop or higher)
  • /chanserv set #channel XOP on|off
    • turns the *OP system on/off; off = access/levels system
  • /chanserv set #channame var name value
    • variable names are case-insensitive

More vars:

SECURE Activate ChanServ security features no automatic op-ing of first person in the room
SECUREOPS Stricter control of chanop status prevents other ops from op-ing someone NOT on the access list
SECUREFOUNDER Stricter control of channel prevents anyone from making changes to a channel's setting without submitting their password to ChanServ
SIGNKICK identifies you to anyone you kick, when you kick them.

SECURE & SECUREOPS are recommended

  • /chanserv *OP #chan add|del nickname
    • where * = A,S,H,V for the appropriate OP-type
  • /chanserv *op #channame list
  • /chanserv access #chan list
  • /chanserv drop #channame -- unregister a channel

The following command variables --

    • use this syntax:
      • /chanserv variable #channel (value)
  • /ircdhelp chanmodes
    • (answer appears in status window)

modes +s/+p prevent people from seeing what channels you're in when you /whois them (...I think this means, it prevents those channels which have +s/+p from showing up in the list)


GLOBAL -- messages everyone's status window, in ALL channels (not just the ones you're logged into) STATS

operserv MODE overrides chanserv
/operserv mode #<u>channel</u> +p-s
same modes as /chanserv are applicable
good for locking down (hiding?) family-unsafe room without entering.


good for cloners:
/operserv killclones <nickname>
-- gets rid of all clones and akills for 5 minutes.

/operserv akill add +AmtOfTime user@host Reason
	/operserv akill add +3m user@host reason
	/operserv akill del akillnumber
	/operserv akill add +15h user@host reason
	** always include user's nickname in reason
/operserv akill list

/operserv akill add +0 user@host reason

time: +0 = forever, m=minutes, h=hours, d=days

/operserv AKILL VIEW killnumber

/kill -- not covered

Post all kills/akills to private forum, at *least* while still in training --
"Network Bans and notes"

Not covered:

Example AKills


"/os akill" defaults to 30 days

  • /os akill add *ava*@* nickname violates network policy against vulgar nicknames
  • /os akill add +30d YZrider@* software illegalities and such [Woozle]
  • /os akill add +30d ~DJ@* software illegalities and such [Woozle]
  • /os akill add big1@67.163.* blatant sexual come-ons in 'squad and PM, 2006-04-23 17:01
    • I'm hoping that I am remembering correctly that masks can be based on the IP address...


  1. When registering a nick, the person should always use a valid email address so that the verification and other emails can be sent. If they have problems receiving email, they should contact the provider for that email or check their Junk Mail folder to be sure the responses haven't landed there.
  2. When a person is having a problem with our network, we prefer to be contacted directly by the person who has the problem, rather than by an intermediary. We can be contacted...
    • in #Therealms
    • If they cannot get any attention in #therealms, the next step would be to email
  3. Under NO circumstance do we drop nicks for people. If they register carefully, there should be no reason for that to even be requested. We also do not look up user passwords in our database. We have means of automatically having some information sent to the person, but again.....a valid and working email address is required.
  4. For more help in registering nicks, please have the person use /msg nickserv help register