2006-10-16 Kat returns for a visit

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<drazahoib> BOB!
<Starmuse> yo bob
<SlungryHoopla> Cheese!
<SlungryHoopla> . o O (wait, that's not it...)
<Starmuse> haha
<SlungryHoopla> >.>
<Starmuse> bob bob loves to eat doritos
* TheWoozle wonders if this is a SpiritBob, or some other kind...
<SlungryHoopla> yay! doritos!
<Starmuse> bob bob bob, rather
<Starmuse> three bobs!
<SlungryHoopla> . o O (go ahead & eat all you want.. we'll eat more!)
<Bob> hello
<SlungryHoopla> s/eat/make >.>
<TheWoozle> Or maybe this is Microsoft Bob?
<SlungryHoopla> aieee!
* SlungryHoopla takes a flying leap & dives for her corner
<SlungryHoopla> *peeps out*
<Bob> this is a riddle Bob
<Starmuse> riddled with what? O_O
<SlungryHoopla> oo, like the sphynx?
* Starmuse examines bob for gaping holes
<Bob> a Bob who has been here before by another name and is just checking in
<SlungryHoopla> well, HI!
<Bob> to make sure things are running smoothly
* SlungryHoopla poings in circles around Bob!
<drazahoib> BobtheSpirit?
<Starmuse> heh
<Bob> nope
<SlungryHoopla> apparently not!
<Bob> this Bob used to hang waaaay back when
<SlungryHoopla> ooo, waaaay back...
<drazahoib> oh, in this channel?
<Bob> aye
<SlungryHoopla> back in the day of the dinosaur!
<TheWoozle> Running smoothly... well, the transmission is probably due for some maintenance...
* SlungryHoopla changes TheWoozle's oil
<Starmuse> ...
* Starmuse so read that wrong
<drazahoib> BobaFet?
<TheWoozle> What did you change it into?
* Starmuse slaps herself
<Bob> nope, not Boba
* SlungryHoopla giggles at the Very Naughty Myoosi
<drazahoib> hmm...
<Starmuse> hee
<Bob> I used to be a regular...
<SlungryHoopla> WIGGY!
<SlungryHoopla> ;D
<Bob> haha, nope
<Bob> saw him once, though
<Starmuse> but then you added prunes to your diet
* SlungryHoopla snrks
<SlungryHoopla> i'll tell you who i am if you tell me who you are ;D
<Starmuse> haha
<Bob> I am Bob
<SlungryHoopla> . o O (wait... he probly knows who i am...)
<drazahoib> but it'll ruin the game!
<SlungryHoopla> Just Plain Bob!
<Bob> not a he...
<SlungryHoopla> odd. i don't remember a Bob from back then....
<Starmuse> ooo a she
<Bob> and I've given too much away
<SlungryHoopla> KATRITHA!
<drazahoib> Kat!
<SlungryHoopla> yarrrr!
<Bob> I was never a Bob, but I choose to be now
<Bob> damnit
<SlungryHoopla> you'd think i'd recognize myself! ;D ;D
<Bob> you got me
<drazahoib> yay!
<TheWoozle> A Bob ensnared!
<SlungryHoopla> heh, well, if it's any consolation i only got it 'cause W checked your IP ;D
<Bob> I thought I could be sneaky
<SlungryHoopla> you did really well, honest!
--- Bob is now known as Kat
* drazahoib was thinking it was Kat before the not male hint!
<SlungryHoopla> we were sneaksy!
<SlungryHoopla> & used magic ircop stuffs!
<TheWoozle> Your sneaksyness is as NAH-THEENG compared to our leet madd tracking skillz!
<SlungryHoopla> 'course drazzy is smarter than all of us!
<Kat> I couldn't think of a name that said "I'm not Kat!"
<Douglas> ...
<SlungryHoopla> hee
* Douglas glances at Wooz and Har Har
* Thorog knows too many Kats
<Douglas> NO COMMENT
<Douglas> :D
<SlungryHoopla> whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
--- Starmuse is now known as Starmie\eff-eff-ecks
* SlungryHoopla looks all innocent & stuff.
<TheWoozle> Hmm, are we late on our hush-money this month, Doug? :D
<Kat> I was thinking I could come in a be Bob and not say anything and just watch..but that didn't work out too well
<Douglas> lmao
<SlungryHoopla> yeah, you caught us paying attention!
<Douglas> No
<TheWoozle> BobTheLurker...
<Douglas> just glarin' at ya fer the sillinness in here
* TheWoozle looks indignant
<Thorog> Then we'd be like "Oh, it's just another lurker..."
* DrMindbender notes that there is now a katritha in addition to a Kitten and now wants a kit-kat bar -_-
<TheWoozle> Silly?? Us???
<SlungryHoopla> see, if you had waited just five minutes, i'd been off putting kids to bed
<Kat> Kitten's still here?
<SlungryHoopla> yes!
<Kat> wow
* SlungryHoopla points to BaconPony
<Kat> what about Fox and Syrinx and Trout and and and
--- SlungryHoopla gives voice to Kat
<TheWoozle> Hmm, Kat needs to see the SquadCon photos.
<drazahoib> tout is!
<SlungryHoopla> Trooty's here!
<Kat> see Tene..
<SlungryHoopla> and Tene and me & and...
<Kat> I see Tene, meant I
<SlungryHoopla> yarrr!
<SlungryHoopla> Vee's here!
<TheWoozle> http://wiki.sluggysquad.com/index.php/SquadCon_2006
<SlungryHoopla> Dhraakellian!
<Kat> wild
* Douglas doesn't remember Kat
<SlungryHoopla> yeah, we have no lives ;D ;D
<Kat> I was wondering how many of the old crew stuck around
<Douglas> Should I? (Don't be offended, Kat)
* DrMindbender thinks he remembers Kat
<Kat> nah, I wasn't that remarkable
<SlungryHoopla> Katritha? you don't remember Katritha??
<drazahoib> bah!
<Kat> I was just on all the time
* SlungryHoopla gasps in horror & dismay!
* TheWoozle thinks Douglas wasn't as interactive with 'squad back when Kat was around.
<drazahoib> this is not true!
* Thorog has katritha on his lj!
* SlungryHoopla does too!
<Kat> I haven't updated LJ since forever ago
<SlungryHoopla> yar.
<SlungryHoopla> well, that's okay
* SlungryHoopla nver does either!
* DrMindbender is still LJ free!
<SlungryHoopla> good for you, jedi! keep holding out!
<DrMindbender> although, I'm honestly thinking about changing that >_>
<SlungryHoopla> hee
* SlungryHoopla just has one to make comments on other people's lj
<Kat> it' all my fiancee's fault
<DrMindbender> largely because I have things to talk about now
<SlungryHoopla> though,i wrote a dandy one at 4am in my head this morning
<Kat> he made me go outside and make friends in the sun
<SlungryHoopla> evil sun!
* Douglas has never had a LJ, a myspace profile (JUST signed up for an account, but only to see better pics of a cousin/niece of a best friend that died a couple weeks ago)
<Douglas> never had a blog, etc
* SlungryHoopla hisses
<Kat> and 'squad and LJ and sluggy itself just kinda merged into the background and became less important...they didn't take up my every waking second any more
* SlungryHoopla somehow doesn't manage to picture this....
<SlungryHoopla> ;D
<Kat> love makes you do crazy things
<SlungryHoopla> yeah. heh.
<SlungryHoopla> so that's going well, still?
<Kat> yep
<SlungryHoopla> yayay!
<Kat> going on two years
<Douglas> Should show her the April Fool's Day pics of you and Wooz, Har Har
* SlungryHoopla is so happy for you! :D
<SlungryHoopla> heh, iffen you wanna, Douglas ;)
* SlungryHoopla is soooo gonna text Wiggy & tell him he missed you, Kat ;D
<Douglas> Y'all are in so many of them, donno which ones to show
<SlungryHoopla> oh, just the silliest will do, i'm sure.
<Kat> we live in an apartment with two good friends (also an engaged couple) in Denton while he goes to UNT and I study Hospitality Management
<Kat> it sounds very domestic
<Kat> we have a rat
<SlungryHoopla> tha's so awesome.
<SlungryHoopla> awww, a baby rat... how sweeet.
<Kat> his name is Bob
* SlungryHoopla falls over into a heap of ferret giggles
<Kat> and a mouse in a big blue ball that we can't seem to get rid of
<Kat> he got out once and lived in our kitchen for about a month eating old sponges and crumbs off the floor
<SlungryHoopla> awww... hehe.
<Kat> but how is the 'squad? Update!
<SlungryHoopla> well, lesse...
<SlungryHoopla> um...
<SlungryHoopla> we're still here!
<Kat> haha, I see that
<SlungryHoopla> i still have all 4 of my children! haven't killed any of them yet!
<SlungryHoopla> we managed to get togehter this summer for a mini-con
<Kat> that's always good news
<SlungryHoopla> had kitten & drazzy & VoK & Kerish & tomspawn.....
<drazahoib> and tout!
<SlungryHoopla> . o O (who am i forgetting...oh! yes trooty!)
<Kat> wow
<Kat> sounds like the long talked about 'squad convention finally happened
<SlungryHoopla> yeah! it was *amazing*
<SlungryHoopla> more or less!
* drazahoib nods!
<DrMindbender> katamouse!
<drazahoib> we intend to have more!
<SlungryHoopla> there's more about it at the squadwiki...
<SlungryHoopla> yes! we do!
<SlungryHoopla> and we allow alum too! ^_^
<Kat> ooh
<SlungryHoopla> http://wiki.sluggysquad.com/index.php/SquadCon_2006 <---pictures of the con!
<SlungryHoopla> and now, i really hafta go... hafta put kids to bed!
<Kat> I realized the other day that I hadn't read any Sluggy in almost a year
<SlungryHoopla> wonderful to see you Kat!
<Kat> bye Harena!
<SlungryHoopla> byaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
<SlungryHoopla> *poings off*
--> WashiGirl (~Washi@35556308.21531281.dynamicpool.suu.edu) has joined #sluggysquad
--- ChanServ gives voice to WashiGirl
<Kat> where is Wiggs, by the by? He and Syr ever get wedded?
<Kat> I remember they were moving in together...
<drazahoib> they still live together!
<Kat> awesome
<-- Washi has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<drazahoib> and Syr slowly stopped saying anything in squad after that and so now we only get Wiggy in here!
<drazahoib> and maybe even he hasn't been here for a while!
<Kat> weird
<Kat> I always imagined Wiggs would be on 'squad till his dying day
<drazahoib> hmm...other things that happened...
<drazahoib> I can't think of any!
<Kat> wait..is Johnnynuke still here?
<drazahoib> he isn't!
<Kat> or superunknown?
<drazahoib> he stopped by randomly a week or so ago!
<drazahoib> and super is around fairly often!
<drazahoib> I think!
<Kat> okay, I have to go
<Kat> I have a night class
<drazahoib> aw, okay! bye!
<Kat> but it was fun coming back
<Kat> tell everyone I said hi, and write it down in the history books, k?
<drazahoib> okay! I will!
<Kat> take care of yourself, draz
<Kat> you too, guys!
<-- Kat has quit (Quit: Off to worship the comic!)
<-- Robat has quit (Quit: sleep)