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The week of 2007-04-01 is Name-Change Week! Everyone participating changes their chatter nicks to something in the designated category for that day:

  • 01 (Sun): real names (use your real name, or a nickname people call you in real life)
  • 02 (Mon): shapes
  • 03 (Tue): colors
  • 04 (Wed): historic figures
  • Possible topics for Thu-Fri include: animals

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Date to send stuff to Harena:  ?? ???? 2005

People Participating: (I think, please correct list if it is wrong)

  1. Wonda
  2. grrly
  3. Harena
  4. Vee
  5. Firefox
  6. Kitten
  7. JohnnyNuke
  8. Mechamancer
  9. tomspawn
  10. Mundungu
  11. Drazahoib

Dropped: FrozenTrout?