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This is the page where I detail what I'm doing.

We're looking for fresh blood in .net, because we're continually skimming close to critical mass in the room and this has affected some opping decisions which it shouldn't be doing. is where 'squad started, it's where we're going back to.

Harena's appointed me PR person to deal with .net, but everything needs to still be checked with her before we do anything 'cause she's head person an' all.

Currently, our drive has two prongs:

  • Advertising on the forums - this has been OKed with Wile E, who I'm going through for most stuff, and I've posted in GC. This link may go funny because Wile E should be promoting it to Important Threads sometime.
  • Offering to help out in any ways we can with moderator-organised activities on .net.

So how can you help? You can be nice to any new chatters who join to see what's up, and explain who we are and what we do and how to do stuff on IRC. And you can suggest ways we can get new chatters from .net. As an example, I was thinking of approaching the mods in GRPG and seeing if we could help out with some roleplaying threads. It wouldn't be that hard to put together a basic dice-roller bot for them either. Any and all ideas are welcome.

-- Thorog 06:45, 3 September 2006 (EDT)