SquadCon 2007

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SquadCon: 2007


Yes, it really actually happened! SquadCon 2007 took place in Hull, Massatoochetts, and it only took Harena and Kitten 3 hours of fun exploration to get there from Logan airport! Watch this space really closely if you like pixels.


Welcome to the extensive, entirely searchable SquadCon 2007 Picture Gallery, featuring the official SquadCon 2007 Picture! Please relax and enjoy this official picture of a scene which actually took place during SquadCon, as seen by at least one person present at the time! Update: Researchers have used advanced forensic data recovery techniques (i.e. shoving the thing into a laptop and booting it up) to recover additional rare SquadCon '07 images from a laptop hard drive! This proves that Bush was behind the whole thing!! Note the squibs as the towers collapse, and the way the planes don't look real! ...oh, wait, that's something else.

Well, ok, still -- in commemoration of these additional pictures, we are now renaming this section the SquadCon 2007 Media Library! Guided tours available twice daily; ask at the front desk for further information.

Well, we hope you have enjoyed your visit to the official SquadCon 2007 Picture Gallery, and hope you will return often to see Draz's cat again! Thank you, good evening, and have a pleasant tomato!

...TWO! Our TWO main pictures are fear, surprise, and a picture of a DOOR! And two messages for Fred! THREE main pictures!

Sign for Fred, when she arrives
Another sign for Fred, after she arrived