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This page is for planning future SquadCon events.

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SquadCon 2005 2006 II !! *ferret cackles*

Yes! In spite of everything (which, sadly, continues to happen, despite everyone's best intentions), SquadCon 2006 did happen and was a roof-rattling success! We're trying to figure out how the hell we managed to do it, and possibly somehow make it happen again.

Towards this end, we continue to collect and maintain the following lists (scroll down for the lists themselves):

  • places available for hosting a meetup
  • people who might be interested in transporting themselves (and possibly others) to said locations

The Current Strong Contender


The status of Woozle's Dad's house for next summer is, as yet, unknown; watch this space closely and you will probably start to see mysterious grey spheres moving around the page. Time to take a break.

SquadCon 2007 is currently being built around the assumption of an as-yet-undisclosed location near the Boston Mass.

See The Matrix below for other locational contenders.


General Comments

The Matrix

For anyone interested in coming...

Who you are Where you are Transport others? Can You Make It?
name where # seats Yes, No, or Need A Ride
Mechamancer Cincinnati OH who knows? also full of hate
Bill Columbus OH No, fo sho.
Kerish Orlando FL 1 still avail, must be en route Definitely. VoK is coming, too.
KillerMonk Provo UT 3 avail, not sure if my car could take the trip, though Unknown
drazahoib Hull MA Probably not! Yes.
tene SLC UT No Moon rocks! No really, it does
Harena Durham NC 3? Duh, should be obvious.
Woozle Durham NC 3? Also duh.
FrozenTrout Manassas VA 3-4 avil if driving, en route only Fingers crossed
Thorog Christchurch NZ Um...no Need a plane ticket. (That means NO, draz...)
Aero Rochester, NY Can you fit in the trunk? I am full of hate.
Dhraakellian Rochester, NY nein Aero's trunk is full of hate; I can't fit.
Wiggy Dallas, TX Unfortunately not. Colon End-parenthesis I am full of evil